Our network of IPCP staff and members are committed to continuing professional development through accredited courses, informative groups and supportive developmental projects.

Visiting Teachers from the Tavistock:

Sheila Miller: B. A. Honours, Rand; Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist (MACP), Tavistock; Adult Psychotherapist (TQAP), Tavistock
Louise Emmanuel: B.A. (Hons); Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist
Barbara Segal: B.A., UCT; Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist (MACP), Tavistock; Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist and Head of the Psychotherapy Service at University College Hospital, London

The Institute Team: Johannesburg

Hayley Berman (PhD): Art therapist (Community Project)

Hayley Berman is an Art Psychotherapist and Founding Director of Lefika La Phodiso since 1994. She is in private practice, working with individuals, couples, families, groups and supervise therapists and students. Hayley has developed the Community Art Counselling Training, building art therapy resources and capacity in under-resourced areas. She holds a PhD in the Department of Psycho Social Studies through the University of Western England in the UK.

Wendy Cain: Clinical Psychologist (website and online content management)

Wendy Cain is a clinical psychologist in private practice based in the Melville area, Johannesburg. She is currently reading towards a PhD including publications in the area of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy and Applied Clinical Practice at Wits, her area of focus involves cellular technology and the psyche. She assists the IPCP by managing the IPCP website as well as the IPCP’s social media presence.

Nicole Canin: Counselling Psychologist (Theory, Community Project)

Nicole Canin is a counselling psychologist in private practice with a special interest in parent-child psychotherapy.  She currently facilitates the course ‘Intimate Encounters: An Introduction to Parent-Child Psychotherapy’, as well as running a parent-child psychotherapy supervision group. Nicole worked as a training facilitator and course developer at Ububele, the African Psychotherapy Resource Centre, for four years.

Nichi Casati: Clinical Psychologist (Infant Observation)

Irene Chait: Clinical Psychologist (Clinical Supervision)
Irene Chait is a respected Clinical Psychologist, with a Masters degree in clinical psychology from the University of the Witwaterand. She has worked as child therapist for the last 20 years and is presently working at the Johannesburg Parent and Child Counseling Centre as a child therapy supervisor and consultant to staff members and psychology interns. She has been active in a number of groups and organisations including: the Johannesburg Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Study Group, the Johannesburg Association for Child Psychotherapy and the IPCP.

Yvette Esprey: Clinical Psychologist (Theory)

Yvette Esprey is a Clinical Psychologist in private practice in Johannesburg.  She previously held the position of Head Psychologist at Tara Psychiatric Hospital and has worked as a lecturer at the Universities of Cape Town and the Witwatersrand, and at Smith College, Massachusetts. She has specific interests in psychoanalytic theory, borderline personality disorders, trauma, and the intersection of race and psychotherapy.

Lauren Gower: Clinical Psychologist (Reading Group)

Julie Green: Clinical Psychologist (Theory, Reading Group)
Julie Green is a clinical psychologist in private practice. She has taught in IPCP for the past 20 years, and served as the IPCP Chair for 15 years. Her particular area of interest is Klein and post Kleinians. For 10 years, Julie also taught the developmental theory course to the Clinical Psychology Masters students at the University of the Witwatersrand.

Arlene Joffe: Clinical Social Worker (Theory)

Arlene Joffe is a clinical social worker and psychoanalytic psychotherapist working in private practice in Pretoria with adults and with very young children and their parents. She is also experienced in individual psychotherapy with children. She is a member of a number of psychoanalytic reading/clinical seminar groups in Johannesburg and also ran a psychoanalytic reading group in Pretoria for a number of years. She has taught courses in Kleinian theory as well as psychoanalytic child psychotherapy, and taught  the Winnicott theory course for the IPCP for five years.

Carol Long (PhD): Clinical Psychologist
Carol Long is an associate professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of the Witwatersrand. She co-ordinates the MA (Clinical Psychology) programme and teaches at Honours, Masters and Doctoral levels. She obtained her MA from the University of Cape Town and her PhD from the University of Cambridge. She is the author of Contradicting Maternity: HIV-positive Motherhood in South Africa (Wits University Press, 2009), co-editor of the journal Psycho-analytic Psychotherapy in South Africa and has published in local and international academic journals. She is also a practising clinical psychologist.

Tshidi Maseko: Educational Psychologist (Community Projects, Theory)
Shayleen Peeke: Clinical Psychologist (Infant Obs)
Linda Rudenburg: Educational Psychologist (Treasurer, Community Project)
Coralie Trotter: Clinical Psychologist (Theory, Reading Groups)
Felicity van Vuuren: Educational Psychologist (Infant Obs, Community Project)
Susan van Zyl (PhD): Head of Wits University Graduate School (Theory)

Marnie Vujovic (PhD):
Marnie Vujovic completed a Masters degree in Community Psychology and has worked for many years in both urban and rural settings.  She is actively involved in the children’s sector as a consultant and has considerable experience in the field of paediatric HIV, having been involved in the development of psychosocial programmes for paediatric and adolescents clinics in a number of provinces. She completed her PhD in 2008 and is currently supporting IPCP’s community initiative through the provision of supervision and group facilitation for various NGOs.

Jess Vujovik is our secretary

Frances Williams: Clinical Psychologist (Supervision, the Read Thread)

Frances Williams is a psychoanalytic psychotherapist and supervisor in private practice – based in Auckland Park, Johannesburg. She is the creator and editor of the IPCP’s newsletter, the Read Thread, which comes out alternate monthly. Whilst primarily a newsletter about IPCP activities, the Read Thread has become known as a more general psychoanalytic voice, commenting and raising issues pertinent to working within this paradigm in South Africa today.

The Institute Team: Cape Town

Trevor Lubbe is a psychoanalytic psychotherapist working in private practice in Cape Town. He supervises a number of colleages as well new clinicians entering the field. He is a lecturer and tutor for courses of the IPCP. He has a number of publications and his most recent book is titled ‘Object Relations in Depression – A Return to Theory’ published by Routlege London & New York. He can be contacted on 0847466852.

Carol  Cheeseman  trained as a Clinical Psychologist 21 years ago and has worked in Cape Townas as a psychotherapist at Lentegeur Hospital, Cape Town Drug Centre, U.C.T Child Guidance Clinic, childrens homes and the Parent Centre. She completed a Diploma in Therapeutic Work with Children in 2002. Currently she is in private practice and facilitates an infant observation seminar inPort Elizabeth.

Judith Davies : Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist, Psychiatric Social Worker Judith Davies is a consultant Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist who trained at the Tavistock Clinic, London.  After working in the NHS for 12 years she returned to South Africa in 1994 and works with children, adults and Infants with their parents in private practice.  She has been teaching infant observation for 20 years and teaches and supervises in Cape Town, Durban, Bulawayo and Harare.  She has taught and coordinated the post graduate diploma in Therapeutic Communication with Children inCape Townsince 2001.

Melanie Horwitz is a clinical social worker. She has been practicing for 20 years with young children, adolescents, families and adults, supervising and teaching.  She is a tutor for the Post-graduate Diploma in Therapeutic Communication with Children and Adolescents. She is a founding member of the Cape Town Child Psychotherapy Group.

Trish Leaver is a clinical social worker.  She has been in private practice working with children, adolescents  and adults since 1998. She has worked at a girls’ junior school since 2001. She has supervised 2nd year students and Clinical Masters students at UCT. She has taught an Honours course on Human Development and a Clinical Masters course on  Working with Children and Adolescents  from a psychoanalytic perspective at UCT. She has taught one 6 part seminar course on Thinking Psychoanalytically in the School Setting.

Diane Sandler is a clinical psychologist. She has practiced as a psychoanalytic psychotherapist for 23 years, working with children,parents and adults.She is a founder member of the Cape Town Child Psychotherapy group,a member of the CT Society for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy (CTSPP), SA Psychoanalytic Initiative (SAPI) since its inception, and is currently a candidate psychoanalyst in the S .A. Psychoanalytic Association (SAPA).She has taught many courses over the years, including “Assessment of children(and their families) for psychoanalytic psychotherapy;”On Dreams-12 seminars;’ Psychoanalytic psychotherapy with children and adolescents;the Independent tradition” presently she teaches 2 ongoing groups-“On Winnicott-16 seminars” and “Seminal papers in child psychoanalytic psychotherapy”.

Bea Wirz is a Clinical Social Worker and Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist in Private Practice in Cape Town. Her practice is primarily in clinical work with infants and their parents, play therapy with young children, and long term psychotherapy with adults. She holds an Honorary Lecturers post in U.C.T.’s Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, where she has been part of the Parent – Infant Mental Health Service for more than ten years. She has taught several psychoanalytic theory courses for the IPCP, including Freud, Winnicott and Infant Mental Health and Development. She is a member of a number of Cape Town psychoanalytic reading / seminar groups.