Lefika La Phodiso

Lefika La Phodiso is a non-government organisation based at the Children’s Memorial Institute in Johannesburg, South Africa.  Lefika started in 1994 with the main objective of supporting and training community members to offer art psychotherapy/community art counselling in under-resourced areas.

Lefika is the only Art Therapy training organisation in South Africa and works within a psychoanalytically informed framework, applied with community contexts.  The main objectives are to build therapeutic capacity of community members to deliver ‘community art counselling’ within groups.  The training includes on-going supervision and development of the student and trained community art counsellors and project management skills to ensure a high level of professionalism and sustainability.

Lefika also deliver direct art counselling services via trained community art counsellors.  These services include work with educators in the form of work discussion groups, support of trauma workers and counsellors within the NGO sector, work with adults and children with HIV and AIDS, orphans and vulnerable children, abused children, autism, trauma, xenophonia, youth in conflict with law and children in need of care and protection who have been removed under South African law.

Lefka also runs holiday programmes for vulnerable children where their day-to-day safety nets (school, feeding schemes etc.) are not available.  Where possible, these groups include caregivers as well as other professionals such as educators interacting with these children.  Courses in Art Psychotherapy are offered as an income generating stream that offer CPD points for professionals.

We are proud of our achievements in a resource limited context where we, with limited resources, are maximising the sustainable potential of communities through creativity and meaningful relationships. We work extensively with volunteers and would welcome any new volunteers to help to build and strengthen the organisation.

For more information visit: www.arttherapycentre.co.za

Contact: Hayley Berman (hayleyberman@iafrica.com) and Luke Lamprecht (luke.jcaf@gmail.com)