Coralie Trotter’s Groups for Reading and Study of Psychoanalysis (GRASP)

GRASP is a formally constituted professional interest group with a focus on psychoanalytic thought and clinical work which meets in four subgroups. Each group meets for two hours once a month excluding January and December.

At the outset of the year a programme is agreed upon based on the needs expressed within each individual group, which is then allowed to unfold organically during the course of the year.

GRASP adopts a critical stance in that theory is seen as an Object constructed partly through the writer’s ideological view and internal objects (which creates an inevitable blind spot) as well as having a substance and life of it own. This approach allows for depth of engagement and theoretical rigour as well as the exploration and comparison of different theories. Both classic and contemporary texts are included but the starting point is always the primary paper in the literature.

There are additional workshops during the year which are designed either to enable new members to catch up with a set of readings or are based on requests from individuals. They also allow the subgroups to come together and are open to non-members. These so-called catch-up groups attempt to inform practice by grappling intensely with a particular clinical concept or argument. At least 20 CPD points and, at most, 44, can be earned in any year.

The criterion for joining is an interest in psychoanalytic thought and is not dependent upon training, experience or the nature of the qualification, although all members must be qualified practitioners and registered with the appropriate formal body. The application process involves contacting Coralie Trotter who then consults with the existing group members regarding boundary issues, the dynamics in the group and the general fit of the applicant into the personality of the group if this information is available.

Coralie Trotter hosts four groups currently (this excludes December and January) held at the following dates and times:

  • The first Thursday of every month at 19:30.
  • The second Tuesday of every month at 19:30
  • The second Friday of every month at 14:00
  • The third Wednesday of every month at 19:30

Contact: Coralie Trotter (, 082 772 7939)
CPD Points: 20- 44
Cost: Negotiable, based on Photostatting, CPD and SAPC fees and refreshments
Venue: Morningside, Sandton
Time: 19:30 (Thursday, Tuesday and Wednesday groups) 14:00 (Friday group)