Irene Chait: Clinical Psychoanalytic Child Psychotherapy Supervision Group

This Clinical Seminar group is intended for those psychotherapists who are working with children and who want to improve their clinical understanding and skill in the area of child psychotherapy.

Participants are required to present their child therapy cases in the group seminars for discussion and supervision.There is a weekly supervision group for 4 or 5 therapists on a Wednesday morning for an hour and a half, led by Irene Chait, at her consulting rooms in Bramley.

To fulfil the requirements to be accredited with this Clinical Seminar as a Clinical Module for the Diploma in Therapeutic Communications with Children, the following is required:

  • Attendance at  30 weekly seminars over a period of a year
  • Writing a clinical assignment of a child psychotherapy case which has been ongoing for approximately one year

The presentation should demonstrate clinical work in progress, including the developments and shifts in the case and an understanding of the transference-countertransference relationship. Application of the relevant psychoanalytic theory also needs to be included.

The length of the paper is 5,000 words and the standard of the assignment is at an undergraduate, diploma level.

Contact: Irene Chait (
CPD Points: 40
Cost: The cost of the seminar is to be shared by the group members. These rates are based on the current medical aid hourly rates for Groups.
Venue: Bramley
Time: 10:30-11:45, every Wednesday morning