The Creation and Growth of the IPCP

Sheila Miller and Judith Davies founded the Institute for Psychodynamic Psychotherapy (IPCP) in 1996 to address the need for training programmes for South African clinicians in the field of child and adolescent psychotherapy. They also provided input to child care workers giving them the valuable information and supervision they needed to deal with difficulties in the process of child development.

Drawing from the psychoanalytic framework and teaching structures of the internationally respected Tavistock Clinic and the Department of Human Relations at the University of London, the IPCP developed a series of courses, groups and community-focused programmes to educate and train clinicians in the field.

The IPCP continues to work closely with the Tavistock Clinic in London. Their training programme in Therapeutic Communication with Children has been running for a number of years in South Africa and received formal accreditation in 2000. Tutors also visit their projects and groups annually to ensure the IPCP’s work remains relevant in the field of child and adolescent psychotherapy.

Since 1996, the IPCP has grown in size and scope to include work with adults, however our focus remains on child development.